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Deceased - The Radiation Years is here!

Last Updated: 2004-11-16 01:55:39
The Radiation Years - available now!
The Radiation Years - available now!

Cursed Productions is proud to present the radioactive origin of US Death Metal in the form of the new Deceased CD - The Radiation Years!
Deceased’s legendary Birth by Radiation (1988) and Nuclear Exorcist (1989) demos set the standard for Metal bands worldwide, and we are honored to present these diabolical recordings, plus four previously unavailable bonus tracks, completely re-mastered by the band!
Whether you’ve been a Deceased devotee from day one, or are a more recent convert...
This is one CD you can’t DIE without!

Deceased mp3s are now online:

"Worship the Coffin"

"Shrieks from the Hearse"

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Deceased - The Radiation Years is available now!

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